How to find all the bugs

Step 1: Ship it.

Step 2: Listen.

Here’s what went wrong with #nlgs18 in the first 24 hours…

  • Players couldn’t log in.
  • Players couldn’t access the forum.
  • Players could only view the first activity.

And most people don’t even know what #nlgs18 is.

The login issue was caused by missing activation emails. An easy fix. The forum access issue was caused by an incorrect, top-level access setting. And the activity issue was caused by an unchecked box forcing strict course progression.

But that last one. Man. That’s a real facepalm moment. Talk about missing the forest for the trees.

Thinking about things in terms of other things

Course > lesson > topic > quiz.

Program > module > insights > review.

It’s tricky building something new for the first time. I’ve worked with curriculum before, and I’ve used technology to build it, but I’ve never been responsible for the whole shebang.

Check this out…

#nlgs18 is being built on LearnDash. It’s a $200/yr LMS.

LearnDash is connected to BBpress, a simple—and free—forum plugin. We’ll all be helping each other out in the cozy confines of a private forum.

BBpress is getting extended with BuddyPress, which is another free plugin delivering improved group and display features.

This is all built on WordPress, my content management system (CMS), which is also free, albeit hosted on a $30-ish/mo, optimized DreamPress plan from DreamHost.

Which is all a great way of saying I’ve added online degree programs and a forum to my blog.

It’s all in how you think about it, ya know?