Next Level Gearhead Summer 2018 (#NLGS18) is coming.

And OMG I am WAY behind schedule.

NLGS18 is set to begin on the first day of Summer this year—June 21st.

That’s two weeks from yesterday.

About a week ago, I realized I’d somehow been thinking I had until JULY 21st.

I know it makes no sense. I know it’s bullshit, but such is life.

I’ve been getting up at 5AM every morning this week to get at least an hour into this thing.

Here’s what’s left of my #todo list…

  • polish & publish the landing page, signup form
  • ensure existing subscribers can play, too
  • purchase the LMS where the pieces will reside
  • finalize the 30+ activities (instructions, scoring, etc.)
  • install the LMS
  • load the 30+ activities into the LMS
  • connect the players’ forum to the LMS
  • confirm we can accurately track a couple hundred people using almost 50 hashtags across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for three months
  • reach out to possible sponsors
  • design & purchase decals, swag
  • purchase additional prizes/trophies
  • formally announce the damn thing & get some players

That’s just off the top of my head. Fortunately, it doesn’t ALL have to be done or finalized before we can start playing, but I’ve been tinkering with this for over four years.

Granted this was all just a series of 12 special emails until my main man Jeremy Nutt got involved back in April and helped me turn this into the most ambitious thing GBXM has EVER done, but still. I squandered an entire MONTH because my brain was all, “June 21st, July 21st—WHATEVER.”

In any case, #NLGS18 IS COMING.

I am painfully behind schedule, but we WILL be starting on-time.

Like the as-yet unpublished landing page says, “[If you would] like to roll into fall with a head full of awesome memories, a bunch of inspired project ideas for winter, and supercharged confidence to make them happen”, stay tuned. Things are moving quickly.

Please send caffeine to:

Lazy, Procrastinating Fool
PO Box 5172
Glendale, AZ 85312-5172

PS: Remember yesterday when I mentioned needing Salesforce? Just kidding, Scott at has been working with me for weeks to develop our tracking and scoring solution. is an official NLGS sponsor, and there might just be a couple of their badass, EGT amplifiers in the NLGS prize pool.

The Days Are Just Packed (But You Run On Anyway)

Tonight is dance class.

Tomorrow night is my birthday.
Thursday night is another birthday dinner.

Friday we’re off to Sedona for the weekend.

Next week, V’s off to Portland for a long weekend.

The weekend after that, Josh and I are throwing a fresh engine in Fezzik.

The weekend after that is Overland Expo West, I have people to meet.

And I’ve got to get Next Level Gearhead Summer ready for June.

And it’s hard to say
Who you are these days
But you run on anyway.

Urgent vs. Important

Consistency vs. quality.

I’m falling behind on getting the episodes live. Only five of 10 are live. And only three of those are officially announced.

The format is all over the place. I don’t have a budget for professional transcription and all the free options I’ve tried suck.

Which is more important—getting episode 04 announced, getting episode 05 uploaded, finishing that piece on the Chicken Tax, finalizing the “How to get started as a gearhead” ebook copy, finalizing the “3-step process most gearheads forget”, going for a run, or getting on the Bowflex?

It probably wasn’t the Chicken Tax one.

I said I wouldn’t publish unless we had something worth reading.

But should that mean “Do more stuff worth reading,” or “The benefits of consistency outweigh the potential risks of semantics,” or “Aren’t these all just bullshit excuses anyway?”

Then again, loss aversion.

We’re going THAT way.