When you’ve earned it

Never let them see you sweat.

Unless you’ve earned it by putting in work. Then it’s a badge of honor.

The same could be said for a rough morning.

Not that I’m advocating an unhealthy work ethic by any means. Ya gotta sleep.

But I stayed up WAY too late last night recording another episode of The Gearhead Project.

I got less than six hours of sleep as a result. And my alarm was brutal this morning.

They say you should have at least three episodes in the can when you launch a podcast.

My conversation with Scott Glassbrook, builder of bitchin’, RWD drag Talon and founder of ftyracing.com was my third episode. It was time well-spent.

I earned that first cup of covfefe.

This weekend, I’ve got to put the final touches on these things and get them published.

This is awesome.

Three Doctor Appointments

MMJ industry really needs to step up the game. The office was basically a black light Bob Marley poster and case of glass away from being a standard head shop.

Then again, they don’t have to deal with the insurance companies, so maybe that’s how medicine could be, if Big Pharma wasn’t so well represented in Washington..

Oncology shop was perhaps the kindest, most caring experience I’ve witnessed in a medical setting since P was born.

Then again, they’re admittedly poisoning the patient. The things you gotta do in the name of the greater good.

And I got a T shot in the ass from the naturopath.

Roller coaster of a day.