Escapism—Or storyteller’s quest?

British Airways 288. PHX > LHR.

I’ve seen this flight at least six times a week for well over a year, now. It arrives in Phoenix about the time I get off work at 5PM, and is climbing to cruising altitude over my house about four hours later after we’ve put P to bed.

Every time I see that big 747 float by, I wish I was on it.

I wish I was settling in for 10 hours across the country, across the Atlantic, and into Heathrow.

The other night, watering what little green remains in my backyard, I looked up at G-BNLK and caught myself wishing I was flying away to England and points beyond. It struck me as somewhat escapist.

But then I realized something. While there’s certainly a desire to escape—especially this time of year in Phoenix—I don’t wish I was escaping my problems as much as I wish I was flying off to do good things.

Sure, there’s a part of me that wants to chill on a secluded beach somewhere—but the gearhead journalist in me wants to go meet new gearheads, see how they do things, and share those stories with the rest of the gearhead world.

It would be nice to hop a plane for a weekend in Europe or Asia or even Australia—my spend more time at the destination than traveling to and from rule be damned—if I was able to come back and take it a little easy around the jetlag.

I’ll get there. Someday. Just takes a little more hustle today.

Fezzik is MOD-bound

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.

I’m driving Fezzik 1,000+ miles to Mitsubishi Owner Day and back.

The plan is to leave work and roll straight to Mitsubishi HQ in Cypress, California. I’ll be caravanning with Josh and his brother Jay. Between Fezzik and Goldilocker, we’ll be pushing nearly half a million miles on our odometers.

Not the least bit worried. #FEZZIKLIVES

/ image: Rocinante en route to MOD back in 2014

Two Weeks (Revised)

Have you brought any fruits or vegetables onto the planet?

Today wraps two weekends in a row away from V&P. As much good has been done in that time, as much as the last 10 days have shown me, without any doubt, how much potential I have at my fingertips—I really just want to get home to my girls.

PS: Assuming the scheduler didn’t shit the bed again, the first “Synchro Sunday” should be live on GBXM now. Here’s a link.