Talent Pipeline: $50k Jobs Without a Degree

There’s a good chance I wouldn’t be where I am today were it not for my college degree—but not because DeVry prepared me for the job market.

The get-good-grades so you can go-to-college and get-a-good-job mentality set me up for the failures inspiring me to strike out in pursuit of work life parallel.

It was my time on forums and blogs that paid dividends. Well beyond anything I got for the $600+ a month I’m paying Sallie Mae until I turn 65 (or emigrate).

I was pleasantly surprised, recently, by an episode of the SaaStr podcast.

Ryan Carson, Founder and CEO of Treehouse, an online technical training school specializing in web/app development and programming education, basically said the following (paraphrased):

The world needs more than a million developers. The world’s colleges and universities are graduating less than half that. And sexy, tech giants like Google and Facebook lure most of those grads away.

If you want diverse, high quality talent you can count on, you need to build out your talent pipeline. You need an apprentice program. Get out in your community and directly invest in the next generation of developers. These are $50k jobs that don’t require a college education.

In other words, find people who genuinely want to do the work. They’re the ones who will recognize the value you see in them and truly cherish the opportunity. They will give you their all—because you’ve shown them they matter.

It’s a good listen. Check it out!


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