Talking steam engines with Grandpa Don

I never knew either of my grandpas.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed getting to know V’s grandpa—Grandpa Don. He’s let me play around with a metal lathe in his garage, shown me an exceedingly cool Ford Model A ignition coil, and let me borrow a few tools to work on a vehicle while we were visiting—most recently so I could swap out an transistor pack on Fezzik’s ignition so I could get to Mitsubishi Owner Day 2017.

This year, the evening before Thanksgiving. We were all sitting out on the patio talking. As the sun began to set, everyone made their way back inside. Grandpa Don and I stayed outside.

We talked about road trips and Death Valley adventures, but we mostly talked about trains. Big, modern electric diesels, old steam engines, and riding the rails. Grandpa Don has taken the train across the country. I want to one day.

It was a great way to spend a couple hours. Hanging out with a real role model.

Here’s to Grandpa Don and guys like him everywhere.

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