Thinking About a Work Life Parallel Framework

In a previous incarnation of this site, I distilled work life parallel down to four simple pillars: reflection, explore, discover & document. I still like these, but feel something is missing.

Basically, my experience is that the road to work life parallel begins with reflecting on what we most enjoy in life. The object is to understand WHY we enjoy the things we do. This is what enables us to explore new paths to enjoyment; to happiness. In the process, we discover new opportunities that get us closer to the life aligned. Finally, as publishing my own magazine (GBXM) taught me, documenting the journey allows us to collect–and build on–our experiences.

It’s kind of like an OODA loop (observe, orient, decision, action) used by pilots, or the ADDIE model (analyze, design, develop, implement, evaluate) used by educators. But it still feels like I’m missing something. I want to put together a work life parallel framework one of these days. Something about this just rubs me the wrong way.

Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Thinking About a Work Life Parallel Framework

  1. “Execute” is where my mind jumps right after “Discover.” The reason being, none of it happens without doing the work: seizing the opportunities that are discovered after reflection and exploration. Then, documenting the results (part of the learning process) loops back into reflection (on those documented results) and the cycle begins anew.

    Substitute any other word for “execute” that entices action and integrates best with a suitable acronym, of course. 🙂

    1. That’s it! Exactly! I think, all this time, I’ve been assuming action within the other stages. While that’s certainly the case, it’s mental action. It’s all ideas.

      Breaking pattern with an overt call to act on those ideas–to execute, to at least try–makes all the difference.

      Thanks, Chazz!

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