Time, Health, Example

These are my three words for 2017. I think about them at least a dozen times a day; simple reminders to value each passing hour, make healthy choices (diet & exercise), and be a role model for my daughter. It’s hard to set a positive example when I’m perpetually tired.

Two months into the year, it’s clear I can’t just think about these things. I’ve got to take action. If I want P to grow up healthy and happy, I need to show her what that looks like. Pro Tip: It doesn’t look like sitting on the couch with an energy drink in one hand and a smart phone in the other.

I want to spend more time outside; doing stuff, living my life. Hiking, biking, racing cars. I want V and P to join me. I want our little family unit feeling truly alive. So today I’m going to the doctor to get a plan in place to take my life back from chemicals like sugar and caffeine.

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