Trifecta of Irony

Two weekends back, I worked on while Adventure Driven Design worked on my Montero. The weekend after, I went camping at my favorite spot with the guys. This past weekend, I drove my smooth-running truck about 400 miles to Ridgecrest, California, for the High Desert Trails rally.

On the eight hour drive home Sunday, I found myself thinking about how tired I was and how much I wanted a weekend to relax and recharge. But wait. I like helping my friends get traction with their side hustles (eg; website work). I like being outdoors. I like adventures. And I like motorsport–especially rally. In fact, it could very easily be argued that three weekends in a row, filled with automotive website work, a better running truck, camping, and rally racing in the mountains, should be the way I would want to spend three weekends in a row.

So why do the things I most enjoy doing always seem to wear me down and leave me exhausted?

Isn’t doing the things we love supposed to rejuvenate and recharge us?

Just goes to show, passion alone isn’t the answer. You’ve got to find the intersection of passion, purpose, and outcomes.

Three weekends in a row doing things I love. Three physically and mentally draining weekends. I’m going to spend some serious time reflecting on why. And then I’m going to start exploring ways to change things for the better. I know I had passion and purpose. But I need to work on those outcomes.

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