True North

What is parallel, if not the life aligned around your true north?

You ever notice how some things are easier than others? More importantly, you ever think about why?

It’s hard to quit smoking because you don’t want to quit as much as you want to light up. It’s hard to lose weight because you don’t want to be thin as much you want those peanut butter m&ms in the freezer.

And yet, how easy is it too stay up WAY too late catching up with an old friend? Do you really need motivation to see if the Reddit front page has somehow changed in the last 20 minutes?

I think I just figured this shit out. Like, #42 ‘n’ whatnot.

When you find True North and lock onto that target, you’ve got a benchmark. Every choice after that is reduced to: which gets me closer to N? #execute

Have I solved for N yet? Nope! But I’m getting closer.

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