Two Weeks Without a Check Engine Light

It was glorious, if not short-lived.

Twice in the last two weeks, I’ve mentioned to V how pleased I am with how Fezzik’s been running since we figured out that misfire bullshit. Twice in the last two weeks, the CEL has come on within an hour of me saying such things.

But my alternator’s been dying for about a year.
Yesterday, it finally went full Kevorkian.

It all started simply enough, with the AC blower fan noticeably slowing at red lights. The volts would always come right back up once I started moving again, though, so I didn’t worry too much about it.

My expert consultants at Adventure Driven Design tell me I want the OEM, Mitsubishi alternator (if I don’t want to use AutoZone’s lifetime warranty to replace my alternator on an annual basis). There’s only one problem. The OEM alternator is about $600 (versus the $190 reman from AutoZone).

I was fine as long as the volts kept coming back up while I was moving.

Recently, however, the volts stopped consistently coming back up.

And then random warning lights would come on while driving.

And then gauges stopped working in the parking lot.

And then Fezzik stumbled while backing into a spot.

And then Fezzik and I took our first flatbed ride together.

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