Walk In Peace

On one of my laps around the block yesterday, I noticed how it’s really starting to get warm here in Phoenix. It was maybe 80 degrees out, and I was reminded how I used to take long walks in triple digits on my lunch breaks at another job.

Those walks were in a tougher, grittier part of town. I walked past an adult video store, a welfare office, a food bank, and at least a couple times a year, a homeless camp behind an auto parts warehouse. The best place to eat was a QT and I developed a nasty addiction to that delicious QT pizza.

It was escapism plain and simple; spend my lunch break in peace–avoiding the inevitable angry phone call from the CEO who regularly told me he wanted to choke me (for executing marching orders he forgot he gave me). I probably looked like I belonged there, mumbling some feeble affirmation over and over again, trying to calm myself down as I walked past the derelicts and crazies on my way to get pizza and a Rockstar.

Now I walk past custom car builders, golf pro shops, and high end home furnishing stores. The people I pass on my walks are cordial, professional, dare I say it–friendly. The sky is filled with helicopters and private planes. The streets are filled with Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, and even the odd Lamborghini. Yesterday I swear I saw a new Acura NSX. $187,000 car. Just going to lunch, I bet.

I’m working harder than I ever have before. And I’m lovin’ it. I don’t want to work any harder, naturally, but that’s just human nature. In any case, I love my walks around the block. They’re much quieter now. As I knock out my 15-minute 0.7-mile twice a day (whenever possible), I get my heart and lungs pumping–and my mind gets a break.

It’s inevitable to find myself thinking about whatever’s next on the agenda or about the exciting parallels between work life parallel and account-based marketing, but I’m starting to get really good at silencing all of the above and just being present in the moment. Spring is in the air. And everything’s gonna be alright.


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