When you figure it out: perception is reality

See also, baggage, damaged goods.

I realized something in a chat with an old colleague today.

Spend enough time in an abusive, unprofessional workplace and your confidence will take a hit. Maybe you were gaslighted by incompetent management so disorganized they don’t remember the marching orders they gave you the week before. Maybe they actually threaten you with bodily harm.

Maybe you should have stayed where you’d been previously. Maybe you should have been more selective in that next move. Maybe you shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Take stock of what really happened. Learn from your mistakes—even if it was only staying past the first week. Resolve to be better than you’ve ever been.

Your next stop will be better, but you gotta remember—if you’re not confident in your abilities, in your worth, in the value you bring to the new team—you’ll hedge your bets, keep your head down, and probably blow it.

Leave the baggage at home. (It’s full of damaged goods, anyway.) Channel that energy in positive directions. Don’t back down (so easily). Stand your ground. Defend your positions. Prove your worth.

If you look around the office and everyone else is relentlessly crushing it all day every day—and you’re struggling to keep up—remember they saw themselves in you when they offered YOU a shot over the rest of the applicants.

You’re not a fraud. You went through hell to get there. Suit up. Own it.

If you think you’re not good enough—you won’t be.

You are.

Perception is reality.

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