Work-life friction

Reflection leads to discovery.

I’ve realized something. Gearbox Magazine and The Gearhead Project (and GBXM|university and vehicle repairs and consulting various gearhead friends’ businesses and maybe some kind of book I’d like to be writing) are always cycling through my mind.

Especially when I’m not at work.

And it’s damn tricky. If I can hustle up and make progress on those projects, they’ll change my life. They might even change YOUR life. Shit. Together we could change the world.

But is changing the world worth sacrificing relationships with my wife and child?

Without hesitation, my answer is NO.

But those ideas keep cycling through my mind. And I see how they could provide me with more time and money to spend with and on my family. Rising tides lift all boats, after all. The friends and families of those who actively build a better world are usually the first to realize the benefits of said improvement.

Lots to unpack with this one. (And I see the work-life balance thing happening. Shh.)

Discovery leads to action.

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