You Gotta Want It

I smoked a few cigarettes at Jill’s birthday party the other night. Drinking, outside, on the patio, with some of my best friends, it happens. No big whoop.

Naturally, the conversation turned to why I would smoke after quitting almost two years ago. The super simplified answer: I don’t want to smoke anymore; like 360 days of the year I just don’t want anything to do with cigarettes.

It’s easy to quit doing things you don’t like doing. The reason people struggle with quitting is because they don’t, deep down, want to quit.

Which tells me maybe we should do a better job of selling ourselves on what’s good for us. I’ve got to want to eat better and exercise. I’ve got to want to feel good more than I want to get at least six hours of sleep a night.

Nothing tastes as good as fit feels, right? You gotta want it.

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